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Racine Art Museum show opens today!

May 22, 2011

I’m so excited to be a part of a show at the Racine Art Museum in Racine, Wisconsin that opens today and runs through October 2nd. The show is called “Field of Vision: Artists Explore Place” and features nine artists working within or around the subject of landscape–Olga de Amaral (Colombia), Nicole Chesney (RI), Lauren Fensterstock (ME), Mary Giles (MN), Sarah Hood (WA), Rebecca Hutchinson (MA), Jolynn Krystosek (NY), Harold O’Connor (CO) and Beverly Penn (TX).

Here’s more from the Racine website: “Our feelings or memories about a place are formed by how a location (beach, forest, field, building) feels, not just by how it looks. Details are often minimized by overall thoughts and impressions—sounds, textures, light, and smells. The nine artists represented in Field of Vision respond to and explore their perceptions of “place” through carved wax flowers, hanging plants made of porcelain paper clay, atmospheric paintings on mirrored glass, and jewelry referencing landscapes.”

I was thrilled to be asked to participate–I’ve always wanted to show at Racine. And what a perfect exhibition for my work, which seems to be doing nothing but exploring the subject of landscape lately.

Here’s a piece called Culvert that is included in the show. It’s sterling silver, 14k gold, prehnite, and a plaster model railroad “culvert.” The ground line is made from a cast branch, and the rest of the cast elements include a root, anemone buds, and a model railroad tree.

I have five pieces altogether in the show. Here are two more:

Underneath It All is on the left and Birch Tree Ring is on the right.

The final two pieces were ones I made especially for the show, and I had them photographed before I sent them off, but don’t have the photos yet. I’ll post them when I do. I was happy with the two new pieces and am looking forward to the photos–I’m convinced that Doug always makes my work look better in the photos than it does in person!

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