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Two New Pieces

June 13, 2011

I recently finished two new pieces–Oak Ring and Palm Ring. I love these rings because they make me laugh! If a finished piece cracks me up, I know it’s good.

Oak Ring is made from sterling silver (the shank is cast from a real branch), model railroad landscape materials, and a chestnut that I split open and set like a stone for the hill that the tree grows from.  I’ve had a bowl of chestnuts for so long that a neighbor gave me, just waiting to be made into something.  It was so easy to work with, and I love the rich brown color so much that the others are definitely on their way to becoming parts of other jewelry pieces themselves.

Palm Ring is made from sterling silver, a model railroad palm tree, and a hunk of coconut shell. Have you ever split a coconut open? It is not easy! I had forgotten that. This one took forever to crack open, and then because I wanted a very specific part of it–the top where it rose up to a volcano-like peak–I had to be careful to only split the sections I knew I didn’t want to use. Working with the shell was a dream. It sanded easily, and the edges buffed to a gorgeous satin finish. The shell sits on a ring of silver that conforms to the irregular shape of the shell, and is held in place by four prongs. The shank is made from two rings cast from real branches that meet at the base of the finger.

Both rings come on handmade cherry wood stands. They were recently displayed in this beautiful window of my work at Facere (sorry, super crappy photo):

If you’re in the Seattle area, get down to Facere and see them in person!

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