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SNAG Wrap Up

June 23, 2011

So, the Seattle SNAG conference is over, and those of us who worked our butts off behind the scenes for the last year (or even two) are tired, relieved, and definitely happy with how it all turned out.  I heard from SNAG today that there were over a THOUSAND people in attendance this year, which made it the largest SNAG conference to date.  A whole month after the end of the conference, I feel I am finally able to reflect on how it all went.  It’s kind of a blur now, but I had such a great time, met a bunch of metalsmiths I have admired over the years, found new inspiration in so many big and little ways, and gained a renewed respect for the field as a whole.  I walked away knowing that the choice I’ve made to have art in my life every day is a vital and absolutely necessary one.

One of Sondra Sherman‘s pieces from her show at Marquand Books

Although the more academic discussions, panels and lectures were like food for my often theory-starved brain, what I loved most were the unstructured moments with friends old and new.  I tried to take a ton of photos, but of course my album only scratches the surface of all I did over the course of four days.  Nevertheless, here are some of my favorite pics from the weekend. You can see all my photos here on flickr.

And to read more blog posts about the conference, click here.

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