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I love Love

March 14, 2012

Have I mentioned how much I love appreciation letters and customer feedback? Love, love, love. It keeps me going, and keeps me knowing that what I am making actually means something to the people I am making it for.

I do a lot of custom work, both through my Etsy shop and my website. Often custom designs are weeks in the making, from the initial contact to the many emails back and forth clarifying design. I price out lots of stone and metal options, and then my client and I go back and forth until we find the combination that gets them excited and is still within their budget. It’s a fine balance, and sometimes this process can get personal and take a while. So it’s always odd to me to work on a piece (like an engagement ring) that feels very intimate and particular to a specific client and send it off and then… crickets….

I don’t take it personally. I know life gets in the way. Especially when there is a wedding involved, time can get away from people, and sometimes there just isn’t a chance to write.

But I love it when people do!

I recently received the most beautiful photos from Polina, a woman I made a wedding ring and a necklace for. She was a pleasure to work with from the start, and her follow up emails and photos were wonderful to receive.

Here’s the ring I made for her, plus the necklace pictured above, which she purchased from my Etsy shop. She wore both on her wedding day. She and her husband, who she described to me as her best friend, were married in August 2011, and here’s what she had to say about her special day:

We had a simple, fun, informal summer party at the cottage to celebrate our wedding day. Most things about traditional wedding make me cringe – it’s just not who we are. So we just had it OUR way! We rolled in on a canoe to be greeted by family & friends and got married barefoot on the beach of the lake, I even wore a colourful summer dress (gasp!). We had a picnic for dinner, with a bonfire, swimming, dancing, singing and fireworks! It was all about being ourselves in nature. That’s why I picked out this beautiful twig band by Sarah Hood Jewelry to be my wedding ring, it is so organic but also elegant. It’s unique, too, everyone asks me about it when they see it. I wore the branch necklace on the wedding day, and now it reminds me of this perfect day at the cottage spent with my loved ones.

Here are two photos of Polina on her wedding day (photos by Christina Woerns) that I love. So beautiful! I love the thought of getting married barefoot at the edge of a lake, surrounded by nature and wearing pieces inspired by nature.

Thanks, Polina! And everyone else–I would love to see photos of your wedding day or special occasion featuring jewelry I made. Send them to me for a possible future post!


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